Packman Disposable Peachy Nerdz(Indica) – PACKMAN


Packman Disposable Peachy Nerdz is a convenient and portable pre-filled disposable vape. Experience energizing and creative effects with no charging required. Designed to be extra cool and control heating, this vape offers a smooth and consistent smoking experience. Choose from flavors like Strawberry, Grape, and Berry. Enjoy euphoria, sleepiness, and relaxation with this Indica blend of liquid diamond and live resin. With a high THC content of 85% and a net weight of 2000mg, this disposable vape provides a long-lasting experience. Enhanced with Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Humulene terpenes for added flavor and aroma. Perfect for those seeking convenience and simplicity, the Packman Disposable Peachy Nerdz is the ultimate way to cool off. Product Categories: packman disposable.