Packwoods Packarillos – Mint Kush


Packwoods Packarillos – Mint Kush: Enjoy a refreshing and minty smoking experience with Packwoods Packarillos – Mint Kush. Each pack contains 3 MINIS of premium flower, weighing 0.75 grams each. With an engineered cross-cut glass filter and a slow-burning, 100% tobacco-free wrap, this product guarantees a smooth and flavorful smoke. The Mint Kush flavor enhances the overall experience, while the glass filter and slow-burning wrap ensure a longer-lasting session. Perfect for both seasoned smokers and beginners, Packwoods Packarillos – Mint Kush offers a high-quality and enjoyable smoking experience. Available in the Packwoods x Packarillos product category.